WORC Force Center will feature a variety of rooms and spaces that will offer skills training for potential future employment and personal development.


This large space will be a state-of-the-art gym, including a basketball court, that can also be utlized for presentations or as an event space.

Music Academy

This space will help generate an excitement and appreciation for music, with the opportunity to learn new instruments and music skills in both private and group settings.


What kind of skills are needed to work in a hotel or event environment? From making beds to cleaning carpets and organizing displays, the hospitality environment teaches skills easily usable at work or at home.

Laundry Facility

Learning how to wash, dry, fold and iron laundry are skills that can be transferred to a commercial laundry room or at home.

Retail Boutique

The retail environment will teach people customer service skills, how to display items for sale, add labels, organize inventory, personal styling techniques and more.

Office Space

For those who would like to work in an office setting, this program willt each everything from filing and keeping inventory to cleaning and organizing for businesses.

Convenience Store

Stocking shelves, completing purchases, working a register and handling money are just some of the skills to be learned in this simulated convenience store space.

Art Room

Whether for leisure, stress relief or the development of techniques, art is a great form of personal expression. The Art Room will offer a variety of classes for participants.

Print Shop

Learning the craft of offset printing, photocopying and collating in a real, functioning print shop are skills that transfer from work to personal life by strenthening organization and responsibility.

Computer Room

Individuals will have the opportunity to learn basic computer skills, such as typing, data input, digital filing and more.

Training Center

This space will be utilized as a classroom that can provide multimedia training for various professions or businesses.

Chef’s Kitchen & Cafeteria

Learning to cook is a skill everyone needs, and is an asset to those looking to work in the culinary field. Participants will learn how to work in a professional kitchen, prep and make food for distribution, proper dishwashing and sanitzing as well as how to wait tables.

Car Prep

For thos ewho would enjoy the opportunity to work in the automotive industry, this space will teach skills involved in cleaning and detailing cars for delivery to customers.

Hydroponics Lab

This state-of-the-art lab will allow participants to learn how to grow plants in a controlled environment while also learning how to set up and maintain the lab equipment and care for the plants.

Pharmacy Store

This space will be developed to mimic a typical pharmacy so individuals can learn the unique tasks necessary for successful employment at a pharmacy retail store.

Reception Area

Individuals will learn the ins and outs of running a reception desk, including tasks such as answering and transferring calls, sending faxes and emails and filing.

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